Dec core mem on eBay

From: David V. Corbin <>
Date: Fri Feb 6 21:04:36 2004


Speaking of vinyl...Do you have any 78s or even better 16s? (I have about
40 from 1955 and earlier!)

If you never dropped a box on unmarked, non-sequenced cards, you havent



I know a person (local here on LI) who has 3x ASR-33, 1x ASR-43, 1x
Freiden Flexowriter (exact model unknown at this point).

All believed to be in working order.

The problem is that will only dig them out of storage for someone who will
take the entire lot. I have no interest in the Flexowriter (but would never
want to see one destroyed), and can really only use one of the ASR-33's. If
you would be interested in helping to split up the lot (he wants a fairly
high price, but if the quality is good....), please contact me off list.


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