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From: Cameron Kaiser <spectre_at_floodgap.com>
Date: Sun Feb 8 00:30:07 2004

> While your points are well taken (it is easy to design BAD pages using tools
> such as DreamWeaver), hand writing HTML is not practical for most
> professional web development (which I have been doing for well over 10
> years).
> When my firm sets up a site that has over a hundred pages (just counting the
> "static" content) and then client say "change these logos", "move the tool
> bar from the top to the left", or other quite common changes, we would
> quickly go broke if we decided top open each of the pages and manually
> modify the HTML.

... which is why any server worth its salt offers modularity or template
support for including these kinds of components into a standard site-wide
skeleton. Even plain-jane Apache can accomplish this with SSI, and some
servers like Roxen really go the extra mile in this regard.

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