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From: R. D. Davis <rdd_at_rddavis.org>
Date: Sun Feb 8 01:08:22 2004

Quothe David V. Corbin, from writings of Sun, Feb 08, 2004 at 12:25:29AM -0500:
> When my firm sets up a site that has over a hundred pages (just counting the
> "static" content) and then client say "change these logos", "move the tool
> bar from the top to the left", or other quite common changes, we would
> quickly go broke if we decided top open each of the pages and manually
> modify the HTML.

Why not just hack a short perl script (or a shell script using various
other UNIX-land tools like sed, ed, etc.) to make the changes? You
could even use some slightly longer and slightly more complex scripts,
C code, or whatever suits your fancy, to automate things a step
further. That way, you can automate such tasks without having to
resort to commercial software that's doing who knows what sort of
screwy things to the HTML, javascript and perhaps cgi scripts as well.
Going past that, if you need more complexity, you can set up a system
of templates that work with database routines to make some changes on
the fly while web pages are being viewed by different categories of
human viewers... or different web browsers. All sorts of fun things
can be done without lowering yourselt to use such annoying commercial
software, without going broke, without hand-modifying the HTML (but
still modifying it to your liking, with the same good results as if
you had done it by hand), to modify large quantities of HTML.

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