Wire Wrapper needed for PDP-7

From: Tore S Bekkedal <toresbe_at_ifi.uio.no>
Date: Sun Feb 8 03:03:28 2004

> Therefore, I need to take out all the modules, all the wires, and
> start afresh
> This is a REALLY REALLY REALLY bad idea.
> It is hightly doubtful that someone completely rewired the backplane
> of this system.
> If you start ripping out wires, there is 0% chance this system will
> ever run again.

But I have no choice. The processor was modified with an improvised
API, and half of this was later removed (leaving the processor useless)

Also, an IPB (Inter-Processor Buffer) was made,
which connected it to a NORD-1, a not-quite-mini, not-quite-mainframe
machine. This has also, of course, been removed.

The CPU and IO planes, are, in short, FUBAR.

I have complete documentation of the wires, and of module locations,
they are all documented clearly in F-77 Maintenance Manual (which
you have on your site). They are easy to read, and give a complete
schematic of both the backplane, and the module locations.

There is 0% chance as is.

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