TEk8002 available...

From: Jos Dreesen <jos.mar_at_bluewin.ch>
Date: Sun Feb 8 05:23:23 2004

I've tried before, but here it goes again :
Free to a good home :

One Tek 8002 microprocessor lab, with software.
Used for games development.
No documentation, but then there is always Al Kossow...

Pods for 8080,6802 and Z80.
Never powered on by me.

Matching Tek4024 Terminal (nonfunctional)

Will be dismantled if no takers. Will use the 8" floppy
drives to repair the failing ones in my DSD440.

Where : Zurich, Switzerland.
Why : as always, no place , no time, too many projects.

                                        Jos Dreesen
Received on Sun Feb 08 2004 - 05:23:23 GMT

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