From: Marvin Johnston <>
Date: Mon Feb 9 12:03:23 2004

My ISP uses SpamAssassin, and it has only once characterized something
as spam when it was not (an email newsletter.) However, the things that
are getting through are URLs that load when the email is read (unless
you read offline of course.) I just continue to send them to SpamCop. It
*has* helped, but the real solution is to make it
painful/expensive/nonprofitable for the spammers to continue.

Vintage Computer Festival wrote:
> I finally implemented SpamAssassin on VCF e-mail accounts after trialing
> it with a personal account for about a month. I've gone from something
> like 200+ spams a day to almost none.
> My personal account has done similarly well though after a while the spam
> count started creeping back up, but its still at a very manageable level.
> Instead of having to wade through hundreds of spams every 2-3 days when I
> would check that account, it's now maybe 10-15.
> Question: has anyone been able to make SpamAssassin be "perfect" (i.e. no
> spam at all)?
> Anyway, the reason for this message, other than to claim (for now) victory
> against spam, is to let people know that if they do have trouble
> contacting me for some reason, it may be because SpamAssassin is equating
> your message with spam. If so, please page me here in the mailing list
> or you can send me a message via the VCF contact page:
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