From: Fred N. van Kempen <>
Date: Mon Feb 9 12:05:29 2004


> I'm just trying out SIMH and I'm not quite familiar with the way it works.
> I've attached an image as an RL02 to the RL0 Unit, but where do I go from
> there to get it to be assigned something similar to what a real vax would
> have, normally my RL02's would come up as a DLA0: and so forth, I've been
> looking through the SIMH help, but I am missing something and I want to make
> the drive.img file accessible as a drive in SIMH so I can access its
> contents, thanks in advance for any help offered.
> RL, address=20001900-20001909, vector=270, 4 units
> RL0, 5242KW, attached to d:\rl02s\disk1.img, write enabled, RL02
> RL1, 2621KW, not attached, write enabled, autosize
> RL2, 2621KW, not attached, write enabled, autosize
> RL3, 2621KW, not attached, write enabled, autosize

OK, looks like you indeed have an R/W RL02 image loaded. If this
is a VAX simulator, you will also need the KA655's ROM image (its
usually called ka655.bin or similar), so the VAX can load it and
then execute it.

After doing all the device attachments in SimH, you "boot" the
VAX by typing:

simh> boot cpu

which basically loads the ROM file, and executes it, reasulting
in the usual display of selftest messages, and ending you into
the wellknown >>> prompt.

A "show device" should indeed tell you it sees a DLA0 device,
which you can boot the usual way (boot dla0:) ...

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