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From: Bob Lafleur <>
Date: Mon Feb 9 12:46:16 2004

> Is the server-side software still around anywhere? Just what was the
server (some CDC mainframe I assume)? Can it be emulated? Running on the
original hardware would of course be preferable but mayeb not practical.

The servers ran on CDC mainframes. There are several emulation projects "in
progress", most noteably is Tom Hunter's Desktop Cyber. The emulator is
available for free, but the OS software is harder to get. There is a handful
of people who have been "allowed" to use older versions of the OS software
for hobbyist use by the current copyright holder (Syntegra), but this is not
an "everyone who wants it can get it" thing. Also, I'm not sure if any
versions of Plato OS are included. Tom Hunter does claim that the Plato OS
will run on his emulator, but he has not released the OS.

The CDC "cyber" mainframes are VERY complex, much harder to emulate than
other systems. And the OS's are cryptic, at best.

Real CDC "cyber" mainframe hardware is very rare. There is one system
operating and open to the general public for use (not running Plato, but
running NOS) at

I do know that some of the (very intelligent) individuals involved in the
Cyber emulation projects are quite interested in making Plato work. I
believe the hurdles are (1) Finding surviving copies of the OS tapes and
courseware, (2) Emulating the hardware to run them (mostly working now I'd
guess), and (3) getting permission to actually use the software, as the
Plato trademark or whatever is still owned by a company that isn't too free
about it's use.

Hopefully some of this information is helpful.

   - Bob
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