Control Data Computer At $66.00

From: Tom Jennings <>
Date: Tue Feb 10 02:08:39 2004

Wow. Good story on Plato/CDC. In these days of image/marketing-driven
drivel it's good to recall these sorts of deeply, seriously strange
systems and people. Big Iron indeed!

On Mon, 2004-02-09 at 10:46, Bob Lafleur wrote:
> > Is the server-side software still around anywhere? Just what was the
> server (some CDC mainframe I assume)? Can it be emulated? Running on the
> original hardware would of course be preferable but mayeb not practical.
> The servers ran on CDC mainframes. There are several emulation projects "in
> progress", most noteably is Tom Hunter's Desktop Cyber. The emulator is
> available for free, but the OS software is harder to get. There is a handful
> of people who have been "allowed" to use older versions of the OS software
> for hobbyist use by the current copyright holder (Syntegra), but this is not
> an "everyone who wants it can get it" thing. Also, I'm not sure if any
> versions of Plato OS are included. Tom Hunter does claim that the Plato OS
> will run on his emulator, but he has not released the OS.
> The CDC "cyber" mainframes are VERY complex, much harder to emulate than
> other systems. And the OS's are cryptic, at best.
> Real CDC "cyber" mainframe hardware is very rare. There is one system
> operating and open to the general public for use (not running Plato, but
> running NOS) at
> I do know that some of the (very intelligent) individuals involved in the
> Cyber emulation projects are quite interested in making Plato work. I
> believe the hurdles are (1) Finding surviving copies of the OS tapes and
> courseware, (2) Emulating the hardware to run them (mostly working now I'd
> guess), and (3) getting permission to actually use the software, as the
> Plato trademark or whatever is still owned by a company that isn't too free
> about it's use.
> Hopefully some of this information is helpful.
> - Bob
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