Got a DEC 2000 Alpha server, need help

From: Vintage Computer Festival <>
Date: Wed Feb 11 10:02:22 2004

On Tue, 10 Feb 2004, Zane H. Healy wrote:

> > > > Does DECUS also still supply licenses for commercial use of VMS? If so,
> > > > does anyone have an idea of what their licensed user base is for that?
> > >
> > > As far as I know, they've never supplied licenses for Commercial Use of
> > > OpenVMS. That would be DEC/Compaq/HP. DECUS/Encompass is simply a User
> > > Group.
> >
> > Ok, then I can say quite imperiously that DECUS needs to go away since it
> > only seems to be existing to annoy hobbyist VMS users.
> Your reasoning really boggles the mind. Have you bothered to look at
> before making these statements? The OpenVMS
> Hobbyist Program is a really *tiny* aspect of Encompass.

No, I didn't. And having checked, it looks like a general users group
for OpenVMS. Ok.

What I have been querying about is why hobbyists really need to pay money
to use VMS "legally". Does this apply to ALL versions of VMS or just
OpenVMS? If it's just for OpenVMS then I can understand that. But if
someone wants to copy an older version of VMS from someone else to run
their VAX 11/780 and connect it to the internet, would that be "illegal"?

> > I just see no reason at this point why DECUS needs to be, and why people
> > need to pay money to use VMS in a hobbyist mode.
> They DO NOT have to pay money! You can get FREE MEMBERSHIP that entitles
> you to use OpenVMS!

I see, you get that through this site:

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