Yay - new DEC arrival (not *strictly* on topic. Or is it?)

From: Zane H. Healy <healyzh_at_aracnet.com>
Date: Wed Feb 11 12:45:41 2004

>Not really, I'm running Win2K Pro here on a 'standard' system with half a
>gig of RAM which requires me to have a gig's worth of pagefile. Why? Surely
>half a gig is enough memory to have all my running processes in memory at
>the same time, even if they're inactive? According to the task manager I've
>got 210mb 'free', so everything that's running now should stay running and
>not get swapped out, but it does.

Does Win2K Pro actually *require* you to have that pagefile? I honestly don't know (between 3.1 and XP I didn't use Windows), however, I do know that in WinXP Pro you can turn that pagefile off. I found that with both my wife and I logged in and using the system lightly that could be done with 512Mb, but when I started running heavy memory apps I started to have problems, sinc I've now upgraded the system to 1Gb, and my wife only uses our G5 PowerMac now, I've not had any further problems with having swapping turned off.

Now Mac OS X on the other hand seems to have some seriously UGLY swapping (and RAM) requirements (I normally ran Mac OS 9 with swapping turned off), and the system doesn't start feeling usable until you have 768MB RAM or more. Still in spite of this flaw, I'd much rather use our Mac :^)


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