Yay - new DEC arrival (not *strictly* on topic. Or is it?)

From: Witchy <witchy_at_binarydinosaurs.co.uk>
Date: Wed Feb 11 13:18:54 2004

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> Or is it?)
> Does Win2K Pro actually *require* you to have that pagefile?

According to 'performance' sites, yes. Haven't tried turning one of them off
mind - I've got one on the sys disk and the other on a data disk. It's a
quick reboot to turn one off....

> started to have problems, sinc I've now upgraded the system
> to 1Gb, and my wife only uses our G5 PowerMac now, I've not
> had any further problems with having swapping turned off.

Hmm. *ponder*.
> with swapping turned off), and the system doesn't start
> feeling usable until you have 768MB RAM or more. Still in
> spite of this flaw, I'd much rather use our Mac :^)

As soon as I get another job I'm buying one :)


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