DEC question: DVD drives and/or CDROM changers

From: Fred N. van Kempen <>
Date: Thu Feb 12 09:30:44 2004

On Thu, 12 Feb 2004, Curt Vendel wrote:

> Problem I've run into is that the older vax'es don't play well with many
> non-Dec CD-ROM drives due to a firmware issue and I've had to go out and
> hunt a real DEC cd-rom.... the Alpha's are far more flexible and play
> well with more common parts.
True, although I have had success with most of the drives I ended
up with.

> Certain Toshiba cd-roms and vaxes get along nicely, I had an older NEC
> multispin work on a Microvax II at one point if I recall.... DVD's
> would only be viewed as cd-roms if you could get them to be accessible
> at all.... if you've got a nice supply of drives to tinker with, its
> worth doing some trial and error research.
Yeah, I have about, hrrm, oh, 200 drives splattered across the
place, so I can play. I *know* that most NEC, Toshiba and all
of the Plextor drives are OK. Most older CD-writers are, too.

I have a box of JVC DVD players, I will probably hook em up to
an 3100 and see what happens... likewise for the Nakamichi CD

(it will be fun to set up an 3100 with 2 SCSI channels as an
InfoServer, with 2 external towers loaded with Nakamichi CD
changers and a couple DVD drives... ;-)

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