DEC question: DVD drives and/or CDROM changers

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Date: Thu Feb 12 10:47:20 2004

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> I've never tried a non-DEC CDROM (never had to) but I do have
> a Yamaha CDRW which no longer writes, so I may try it out
> sometime. If it can be persuaded to do 512-byte blocks it
> will work, if it can't, it probably won't. The other rule of
> thumb is that if it works on Sun it probably works on a VAX
> (and vice-versa).

When I first read this I thought you were quoting me from the other day, but
I think that was in a private mail :) I tried such a thing with a Yamaha
CDRW 4416S that no longer writes yesterday and it hung the bus - wouldn't
even self test :-/
Then I remembered I had an RRD43 kicking around so at least the install was
twice as quick....


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