PerSci manual wanted (classiccomp)

From: Herb Johnson <>
Date: Sat Feb 14 13:31:01 2004

Saw your msg below while searching the Web about Persci drives.
I have a 277 manual, courtesty of Cromemco, in my inventory.
I normally sell copies by the page but I would trade for copies
of some of your manuals. Confirm you are still interested and
we can work the details. I have the Persci 277, 299, (8-inch)
manuals; what is the 207 and 272?

Herb Johnson

Your msg, late in 2003:

My newly-acquired Cromemco System 3 came with lots of disks, spare
boards, manuals, licences, and a terminal, but only one dual PerSci
S299 floppy drive, which needs some attention (it seeks but returns
read errors).

Anyone got a manual I can download, borrow or trade? I have two sets
of manuals (2 of each of the "Product Specification" and "Logic and
Schematic Diagram") for the 270/272/277 drives, several spare ADM-5
manuals, and some spare Cromemco FDC manuals.

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