OT: another reason to not like microsloth - caution, may contain rant.

From: R. D. Davis <rdd_at_rddavis.org>
Date: Sat Feb 14 15:14:12 2004

Quothe Witchy, from writings of Sat, Feb 14, 2004 at 08:11:12PM -0000:
> In other news I've just managed to delete my entire classiccmp folder from
> Outlook, which is nice. All 600-odd messages of stuff.
> I installed Office 2003 'cos I'm unofficial IT support for Mrs Witchy's
> school, and the edu version allows 3 home installs. Thing is, because the
> new Outlook is obviously a complete rewrite of the previous version the
> default behaviour of folder selecting has changed, only they don't tell you
> that.
> In Outlook 2000 when you selected a folder the first message was

Speaking of Micro$oft problems and 2000, anyone have any advice on
cloning all of the OS files on a Windoze 2000 Pro PeeCee? I found one
(very, very, cheap) well over a year ago at a thrift shop, to use for
some audio utilities that I can't use from UNIX or MacOS. The problem
is, I don't have a Windoze 2000 Pro CD, and if the system crashes,
it's bye bye OS. So, I need some sort of system backup. Do I just
need to unhide hidden files, then copy everything to a spare hard
disk, or is the process more involved than that?

I realize that one can't install Windoze-95 from a CD-ROM without some
sort of software key (unless one just gets the number from the
registry of some other computer runing Windoze, then enters that
number, and then windoze will install---that was an easy one to figure
out), so I'm guessing that there may be some hidden tricks that one
needs to be aware of with copying Windoze 2000.

> Bastards.

That word, for them, is not very harsh, and still makes them sound too

> Gah!

That should be the official Micro$oft sound. :-)

Does something called Norton Utilities still exist for Microsoft products?
I remember that one could use it to undelete files from PC-DOS systems.
If you haven't already overwritten that file by now, perhaps it's worth
a try.

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