Help with RT-11 V02B

From: Megan <>
Date: Sun Feb 15 11:12:19 2004

>That describes the procedure for switching between SJ and FB monitors,
>which clearly shows that the key issue is that the monitor you want to
>boot is always MONITR.SYS.

Very good... I had sent that in private mail to jerome... The point
is that at that time, the monitor/device driver separation had not
yet occurred (didn't happen until V3B or V4) and so the boot code
specifically looked for the file MONITR.SYS on the boot volume.

I believe that one other requirement from the time is that it had
to be in the first directory segment... I seem to remember the
boot code at one point had a problem with scanning past the first
segment. I don't remember if that was a design problem from early
in RT history or a temporary, introduced bug.

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