Help with RT-11 V02B

From: Jerome H. Fine <>
Date: Fri Feb 13 11:55:58 2004

I have found two RX01 images for V02B of RT-11. But
I would prefer to have the files on an RK05 image. Thus,
I copied all of the files to an RK05 image after which I used
E11 to BOOT the RX01 image (I tried to "BOOT RX0" using
SIMH, but I was not successful, although "BOOT RK0" was
successful under both SIMH and E11):

For those of you who don't remember, the original PIP
program handled all of what are now (DIR, PIP, DUP).

I am able to BOOT DX0 under E11 and:


and see a directory listing of the files on both devices,
so E11 and the code must be working OK. I am
also able to take an RK05 image of a V02C RT-11
distribution and BOOT the RK05, so the boot program
in E11 is also correct (and works on SIMH as well).

HOWEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! After I "BOOT DX0" and:


Then back to E11 and "BOOT RK0"
It does not work!

But if I "BOOT DX0" again and:


and repeat, then I am able to "BOOT RK0", but I end up
on DX0, which is what I would expect since under V02B,
the file MONITR.SYS is really DXMNSJ.SYS and has
all the stuff to boot DX0 which it does do!

So what might be wrong? Any Ideas? In addition, when I:


and then go back to E11 and "BOOT DX0", the expected
boot of DXMNFB.SYS also does not work. Maybe I
am using the wrong switches for V02B of RT-11 or the
files DXMNFB.SYS and RKMNSJ.SYS are corrupted.

Note that I am not really concerned with using V02B of
RT-11, but I wish to make up a CD containing as many
versions of RT-11, including V05.03 and prior, as are
available. So while I have two RX01 images for V02B
of RT-11, I would also like to have a bootable RK05 image
of V02B as well.

Sincerely yours,

Jerome Fine
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