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Date: Mon Feb 16 14:01:41 2004

> I was thinking about buying an ESR meter to check caps, mainly large
> switching power supply caps. I was looking at the one at the top of the page
> at this website:
> Does anyone have experience with these type of testers and can give any
> advice?

YES. I own two. Replacement parts especially that microcontroller
is available from few shops that sells these Bob Parker's ESR meters.
Install the protector kit, again available. I blew that micro on
an charged cap and so simply got two, one to replace, one as spare,
Was very inexpensively.

One at my work used daily (fixing TVs & projectors) and other one at
home. Bought first one almost 5 years ago, second one last year.

Worth it and I MEAN IT. Useful for low resistance measurements: 0.01
to 99 ohms & as well as ESR checks for electrolytics. Be noted that
ESR chart is appoximate since it was taken from old datasheets years
prior. Works very well in circuit, if not certain, unsolder one leg,
test again. That's simple.

Bob Parker also designed and several places sells kit or built form
of an flyback transformer ringer test.

Oh, ESR varies with temp too. That also explains why some customers
said their stuff was acting up till it warmed up enough pointing to
barely good caps warming up that brings down ESR enough to function.

At worst case ESR or above that max = bad, below this or lowest ESR
is GOOD. And not all caps are same, some are good at specific uses
even they're all electrolyics.



> Jay West
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