New find: Nascom.. umm 2.5.. a.. ish

From: Jules Richardson <>
Date: Wed Feb 18 11:24:05 2004

Any recommendations out there for good Nascom resources?

I know nothing about these creatures; I went round to pick up a Torch
floppy drive unit from someone a few days ago and they happened to ask
if I wanted a Nascom before they threw it out...

It's housed in the biggest, ugliest wooden case ever so that's going to
have to go! The system board is a Nascom 2, whilst the PSU says Nascom
3a - maybe there was a crossover point when that practice was common?
Inside there's just a system board and memory board, and no bus slots
for anything more - is the bus anything standard and were other 3rd
party boards typically added to these machines?

It's complete apart from a broken reset key on the keyboard (luckily
said key is seperate from the rest of the keys, so fitting any similar
sized switch would not look out of place). The clock circuitry looks to
be bodged to hell and back; there's even a bit of breadboard glued to
the inside of the case with an IC plugged into it :-)
Several stray wires are evident amongst the nest of ones which are still
attached to things, so it'll be a while before I can see if I can get it

Still, a curious one, and my first wooden cased computer. I'll have to
keep an eye out for a better shell for it though... (actually I know
where there's some antique furniture rotting in an abandoned manor
house... I'll have to go looking for a suitable cabinet, maybe there's
something there I can use :-)


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