New find: Nascom.. umm 2.5.. a.. ish

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Date: Wed Feb 18 12:21:52 2004

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> Any recommendations out there for good Nascom resources?

How about the Nascom homepage?
> It's housed in the biggest, ugliest wooden case ever so
> that's going to have to go! The system board is a Nascom 2,

What?! You can't chuck the case out, it's part of the machine and a great
example of how people used to build their own stuff back in those days. Does
it look anything like this one? (the wooden one, not the plastic one)

> whilst the PSU says Nascom 3a - maybe there was a crossover
> point when that practice was common?

The 3a was part of the Lucas Nascom 3 but they're all the same anyway.

> Inside there's just a system board and memory board, and no
> bus slots for anything more - is the bus anything standard
> and were other 3rd party boards typically added to these machines?

Sorta, but not to the extent of say the Microtan 65. I've got full nascom 2
documentation if you want detailed answers to owt.
> place). The clock circuitry looks to be bodged to hell and
> back; there's even a bit of breadboard glued to the inside of
> the case with an IC plugged into it :-) Several stray wires
> are evident amongst the nest of ones which are still attached
> to things, so it'll be a while before I can see if I can get
> it running!

Sounds like a grand old machine :) Also it sounds like another reason why
you can't get rid of the case! Can you do pictures for us? The machine
itself should run on +5V with nothing more than the main board connected to
a telly, 'course it depends on where the maze of wiring ends up doesn't
> furniture rotting in an abandoned manor house... I'll have to
> go looking for a suitable cabinet, maybe there's something
> there I can use :-)

Nah, ugly can be good :)


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