DNS woes (was Re: 50Hz vs 60Hz fixed drive speed ?)

From: der Mouse <mouse_at_Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
Date: Wed Feb 18 11:33:28 2004

> As of late I have noticed that more and more major mail servers will
> not process mail from any server [whose] forward and reverse dns do
> not match exactly.

And good for them, I say. Too many places have been sloppy about rDNS
for too long.

> That's not a big deal, but the way some (AOL) are doing it, does
> violate RFC's. Specifically, even if the forward and reverses DO
> match, but the reverse lookup provides aliases as well, they will
> toss it.

Provides aliases in the sense of returning multiple PTRs, or in the
sense of passing through a CNAME? I mention this because you say

> However, this breaks an RFC-specified way of handling delegation of
> subnets on uneven boundaries.

which sounds like RFC2317 delegation, ie, CNAMEs. But my rDNS is done
2317-style, and I've had no trouble sending to AOL (though admittedly I
don't do it much).

I note that your list message was emitted from Chasing
the DNS by hand, with a human's tolerance for mistakes, I find that
this has the name ssh.kwcorp.com. My nameserver, though, returns
SERVFAIL when queried for PTR records for it. I conjecture that this
is because when the savvis.net servers (who own
143.83.209.in-addr.arpa) are queried for,
they return NS records naming dns1.anet-stl.com, but this is, strictly,
a lame delegation; dns1 and dns2 .anet-stl.com do not in fact serve - they return non-authoritative answers
showing yet other nameservers.

That is, I suspect the problem arises because of the attempt to
delegate the same zone cut (the one at 143.83.209.in-addr.arpa) twice,
rather than because of aliases - I find neither multiple-PTR nor CNAME
involvement here.

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