New find: Nascom.. umm 2.5.. a.. ish

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Date: Wed Feb 18 16:46:49 2004

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> heh, it's around twice that size. You could almost live in
> the damn thing :o)

Kinnell, what lives in the extra space? Rats? :)
> Just curious as to whether they ever sold the ns 2 boards
> with a 3a PSU, or whether that was a bodge by the person who
> built it (or even a later change)

No idea. Mick at the Nascom pages might have some thoughts though.
> Ooh, ta. Will probs be useful when I come to try and get it
> into an operational state.

They're easily grabbable so just let me know. I just hope that I haven't
either moved or tidied before you get the chance to give the machine the
once-over. I had a photographer over from The Independent today who spent 90
mins or so taking pictures of some of my collection for an article in
saturday's edition, so this morning was a tidying frenzy to actually get
some floorspace back :)
> Yep, just bought a new camera the other day so I should be
> able to sort some pics out of stuff. I'm gonna have to find
> somewhere to host them too!

I've got space if you get stuck.
> currently drowning in classic computer stuff that needs doing
> though (on top of everything
> else!) so getting the Nascom running is way down the pile!

You'll be stuffed when you get another job :oD
> That way I can build something smaller and of better quality
> to house the boards, but someone can always take it back to
> how it was originally built if they wanted.

*looks over to glued Microtan box*

Good job I don't want to separate that one innit!


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