New find: Nascom.. umm 2.5.. a.. ish

From: Jules Richardson <>
Date: Wed Feb 18 13:37:30 2004

On Wed, 2004-02-18 at 18:21, Witchy wrote:
> What?! You can't chuck the case out, it's part of the machine and a great
> example of how people used to build their own stuff back in those days. Does
> it look anything like this one? (the wooden one, not the plastic one)

heh, it's around twice that size. You could almost live in the damn
thing :o)

> > whilst the PSU says Nascom 3a - maybe there was a crossover
> > point when that practice was common?
> The 3a was part of the Lucas Nascom 3 but they're all the same anyway.

Just curious as to whether they ever sold the ns 2 boards with a 3a PSU,
or whether that was a bodge by the person who built it (or even a later

> Sorta, but not to the extent of say the Microtan 65. I've got full nascom 2
> documentation if you want detailed answers to owt.

Ooh, ta. Will probs be useful when I come to try and get it into an
operational state.

> > place). The clock circuitry looks to be bodged to hell and
> > back; there's even a bit of breadboard glued to the inside of
> > the case with an IC plugged into it :-) Several stray wires
> > are evident amongst the nest of ones which are still attached
> > to things, so it'll be a while before I can see if I can get
> > it running!
> Sounds like a grand old machine :) Also it sounds like another reason why
> you can't get rid of the case! Can you do pictures for us?

Yep, just bought a new camera the other day so I should be able to sort
some pics out of stuff. I'm gonna have to find somewhere to host them

> The machine
> itself should run on +5V with nothing more than the main board connected to
> a telly, 'course it depends on where the maze of wiring ends up doesn't
> it.....

aha, that's good to know though. At least I can eliminate the need to
have the extra memory board plugged in then. I'm currently drowning in
classic computer stuff that needs doing though (on top of everything
else!) so getting the Nascom running is way down the pile!

> > furniture rotting in an abandoned manor house... I'll have to
> > go looking for a suitable cabinet, maybe there's something
> > there I can use :-)
> Nah, ugly can be good :)

Well I'm the first one to never throw anything out, particularly if it's
anything classic (whether a computer or not). I'm wondering if the
current case will come to bits so I can flat-store it. I think it's all
screwed rather than nailed so unless it's been glued it should.

That way I can build something smaller and of better quality to house
the boards, but someone can always take it back to how it was originally
built if they wanted.


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