Can anyone help this gent?

From: Jay West <>
Date: Thu Feb 19 12:28:11 2004

No, but I would give my left arm for a SCSI board for the M4 Data drive :\

Jay West
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Subject: FW: Can anyone help this gent?

> I received E-mail this morning from a fellow who's trying to track down a
Windows or DOS driver for an M4 Data 9-track tape drive.
> I wasn't able to provide much in the way of insight. If anyone here can
help, please reply directly to him. Thanks much.
> Forwarded message follows.
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> Subject: Re: M4 Data 9914R
> I currently have a M4 Data 9914 Tape drive running off of a VAX system
> that is reaching its end of life. I need to be able to transfer the
> functionality of this system to a PC... hence the need for a PC version
> of the driver. The code that runs the tape drive is written in Fortran
> 77, which will also have to be converted to some other PC compatible
> language. In any case, my current headache is to either find a win/dos
> driver for the M4, or source a new 9mm (800-1600bpi) tape drive that
> comes with a win/dos driver. Is there anything at all that you could
> help me with?
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