OT? What 8bit Microprocessors still available new?

From: J.C. Wren <jcwren_at_jcwren.com>
Date: Thu Feb 19 16:22:47 2004

    My question is what exactly is the goal? Do you want to run any
existing operating systems? How much work do you want to put into a
paged memory system to support large amounts of memory? At some point,
why not use an open source core, and use a Xilinx? Through hole or
surface mount? Monolithic system or cards for each function? Expansion
compatible with any existing technology?

    I ask these because I've asked myself the same questions. Somewhere
in my queue is laying out a board for a 1802 system. I have amassed
more than enough necessary components, and some interest has been
expressed by others in it. To me, there's not much point in taking the
basic Elf design and making a PC board out of it. I want to be able to
load code over a serial port to it, and use remote debugging. Front
panel switches are fun for a while, but they're a helluva way to debug
by todays standards (I (heart) JTAG).

    I've also amassed a considerable amount of 6809 parts for a similiar
project. How compatible to I want to be with other peoples existing
code or hardware? Am I building this just for myself, or should it be
useful to others? In my mind, if I'm going to have mass storage on it,
I want a compact flash and IDE interface (IDE optional, CF required).
How much complexity do I want in my memory manager?
    Finally, except for a very few parts, just about all families have
readily available parts, IF you count eBay as a source. Much of my 6809
stock came from there. Mouser sells 10Mhz Z80s at reasonable prices,
and there's no shortage of peripherials. In fact, that's what I used in
my SOAPOC prototype (< http://tinymicros.com/embedded/Z80 >). Now that
I'm happy with the CF interface, I need to start the actual design. But
I haven't settled on how my MMU and all will work, since I'd like to
support running MP/M and CP/M 3.0 on it.

    This isn't meant to be discouraging. I'm all for the idea, as long
as it's not based on a <!-- piece of crap architecture designed by
retarded monkeys --> PIC.


Ron Hudson wrote:

> 'lo everyone...
> Who would be interested in a *new* classic computer..
> it would have room for almost 640K of memory, the remainder being
> taken by
> a simple ROM monitor (like the apple I monitor, or the Polymorphic
> monitor)
> What Microprocessors are still being sold new? 6502? Z80?
> It would consist of a small board with RAM, ROM, CPU, and a serial port.
> Best use would be to connect it to a PC running a terminal emulator for
> IO and Mass storage.
> Is anyone interested?
> Perhaps I should just go find a simulator? :^p
> ron.
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