OT? What 8bit Microprocessors still available new?

From: Ron Hudson <ron.hudson_at_sbcglobal.net>
Date: Thu Feb 19 17:28:51 2004

On Thursday, February 19, 2004, at 02:22 PM, J.C. Wren wrote:

> My question is what exactly is the goal? Do you want to run any
> existing operating systems?

My main use for the machine is to get back to a machine where I can
program in machine code, right down on the "iron"
I expect to eventually write a focal/basic/somthing interpreter for it.

> How much work do you want to put into a paged memory system to support
> large amounts of memory?

Actually, as several people pointed out, I meant 64K not 640K.. :^)

> At some point, why not use an open source core, and use a Xilinx?
> Through hole or surface mount? Monolithic system or cards for each
> function? Expansion compatible with any existing technology?

Probably Through hole, wire wrap - as that would allow the greatest
number of us to play.

> I ask these because I've asked myself the same questions.
> Somewhere in my queue is laying out a board for a 1802 system. I have
> amassed more than enough necessary components, and some interest has
> been expressed by others in it. To me, there's not much point in
> taking the basic Elf design and making a PC board out of it. I want
> to be able to load code over a serial port to it, and use remote
> debugging. Front panel switches are fun for a while, but they're a
> helluva way to debug by todays standards (I (heart) JTAG).
> I've also amassed a considerable amount of 6809 parts for a
> similiar project. How compatible to I want to be with other peoples
> existing code or hardware? Am I building this just for myself, or
> should it be useful to others? In my mind, if I'm going to have mass
> storage on it, I want a compact flash and IDE interface (IDE optional,
> CF required). How much complexity do I want in my memory manager?
> Finally, except for a very few parts, just about all families have
> readily available parts, IF you count eBay as a source. Much of my
> 6809 stock came from there. Mouser sells 10Mhz Z80s at reasonable
> prices, and there's no shortage of peripherials. In fact, that's what
> I used in my SOAPOC prototype (< http://tinymicros.com/embedded/Z80
> >). Now that I'm happy with the CF interface, I need to start the
> actual design. But I haven't settled on how my MMU and all will work,
> since I'd like to support running MP/M and CP/M 3.0 on it.
> This isn't meant to be discouraging. I'm all for the idea, as long
> as it's not based on a <!-- piece of crap architecture designed by
> retarded monkeys --> PIC.

Main goals - simple + cheap. PIC's are special purpose aren't they?

> --jc
> Ron Hudson wrote:
>> 'lo everyone...
>> Who would be interested in a *new* classic computer..
>> it would have room for almost 640K of memory, the remainder being
>> taken by
>> a simple ROM monitor (like the apple I monitor, or the Polymorphic
>> monitor)
>> What Microprocessors are still being sold new? 6502? Z80?
>> It would consist of a small board with RAM, ROM, CPU, and a serial
>> port.
>> Best use would be to connect it to a PC running a terminal emulator
>> for
>> IO and Mass storage.
>> Is anyone interested?
>> Perhaps I should just go find a simulator? :^p
>> ron.
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