Perq 2T1 display fault

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Thu Feb 19 21:28:59 2004

> On Thu, 2004-02-19 at 21:50, Tony Duell wrote:
> >
> > I will have to dig out the
> > schematics sometime (yes I have the full manuals...)
> I thought if anyone had details on them it'd be you :-)

Alas at the momnet (just come out of hospital, hence the absnece from
this list for a couple of weeks), I don't really feel like climbing over
the VAX rack to get to them...

> (Aside - does PERQ stand for something, or was it originally all
> capitals just as a trendy marketing thing?)

No, it was claimed to be an acronym : Pascal Evaluation Real Quick (or
Really Quickly).

The machine, remember, was intended to run Q-code (a bit like UCSD
p-code, but with some graphics instructions) as its machine code...

> > I would start, though, by checking the 55V line from the PERQ's PSU to
> > the monitor. If that's low or noisy, you'll have all sorts of problems...
> Rats, I did last weekend and it didn't seem *too* low but I haven't got
> the exact figure with me at the mo. I believe it was sitting at 50V or

I would still check it with a 'scope. I'll see if I can find the manual
in the next day or so...

Just to confirm, we're talking about a PERQ 1 here -- it's confusing to
me wether this is a PERQ 1 (verically-mounted SA4000 hard disk at the
left side, monito connects on a single DC37 connector) or a PERQ 2T1
(Micropolis 1203 hard disk at the back, monitor connects via a 3 pin DIN
(power), DA15 (sync, keyboard,mouse) and NBNC (video signal)). I have
manuals for both

Actually, if it's a 2T1, then the monitor is a KME chassis, and is one of
the few conventional monitors on the PERQ.

> (does appropriate media exist out in the public domain to rebuild the
> hard disk contents if needs be? Of course finding a replacement drive if
> that breaks is another matter entirely)

Public Domain, not as far as I know (I am not sure who owns the copyright
now). Exists in the hands of enthusiasts? Yes, most certainly.

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