Perq 2T1 display fault

From: Jules Richardson <>
Date: Fri Feb 20 10:10:54 2004

On Fri, 2004-02-20 at 03:28, Tony Duell wrote:
> I would still check it with a 'scope. I'll see if I can find the manual
> in the next day or so...

No rush - I'll get a scope on it tomorrow and then after that I probably
won't even be back at the museum for a week. There's about a billion
other things that badly need doing there too, so not like I'm stuck for
things to sort out :)

> Just to confirm, we're talking about a PERQ 1 here -- it's confusing to
> me wether this is a PERQ 1 (verically-mounted SA4000 hard disk at the
> left side, monito connects on a single DC37 connector) or a PERQ 2T1

It's a 2T1, vertical drive mounted at the back.

(there is a PERQ 1 also with a video fault which I think I mentioned;
that's where the confusion probably arises. That one has a totally
mangled display, squashed horizontally and vertically, very non-linear,
and no recognisable character output on it at all)


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