VAX console and crossover cable problem

From: R. D. Davis <>
Date: Thu Feb 19 23:02:50 2004

Trying to save space and not use a real terminal at this time, I
decided to wire my VAX 4000-200's console to a serial port on my Sun
Ultra-1... however, nothing seems to be working when I try connecting
to it with tip (the port, set for 9600 BPS, appears to be ok, since I
can get an OK response from a modem). However, there's no response at
all on the Sun when I attempt connecting to the VAX using tip or cu.
Kermit, even if run as root, is giving me a "Sorry, write access to
UUCP lockfile directory denied." message; need to sort that out, but
I think that's a separate issue.

The LED indicator on the VAX counted dow to three, waiting to boot, so
that seems to be ok.

Here's how I wired the crossover cable (typical crossover cable wiring,
should work, right?):

       MMJ DB25
   DTR 1 ---- 6, 8 DSR, DCD
   TX+ 2 ---- 3 RD
   TX- 3 ---- 7 Sig Gnd
   RX- 4 ---- 7
   RX+ 5 ---- 2 TD
   DSR 6 ---- 20 DTR

 ----------- MMJ pinout I'm using,
 1 2 3 4 5 6 - viewed from
 -------+ + console

Any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong? Didn't use my breakout box yet,
since I need to get new batteries for it.

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