VAX Booting and Startup Dilema (was: VAX console andcrossover...)

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Date: Sat Feb 21 13:15:16 2004

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> %CDU-E-OPENIN, error opening QFAX_SYS:[SYSMGR]QFAX.CLD; as
> input -RMS-F-DEV, error in device name or inappropriate
> device type for operation $

Good stuff. I added the STARTUP_P2 in there so it would dump all startup
output to the screen as it was booting, and STARTUP_P1 prevents the system
from executing sys$, which is the site-specific
startup file. In that file there'll be some file initiation for stuff that
doesn't exist any more, QFAX probably being one of them. You need to track
down those startup files that no longer exist any more, and take out the
$SET COMMAND QFAX_SYS:QFAX (or similar) that lives in
> Wow, how time flies. This poor VAX had been sitting under my
> cellar stairs, unused, since July of 2001! Zog! Didn't
> realize it had been that long... good thing I needed to
> change that light bulb, got sidetracked and then ended up
> moving the VAX. :-)


> Now, I've just set the time to the right time, and can begin
> playing with this VAX. Next things: getting LAT working
> between the VAX and the FreeBSD box and start installing some
> software like gcc and CMU-IP. Fortunatley, the previous

Since you're registered with the hobbyist program you can install VAX C and
UCX too, or is there a reason you need gcc and CMU-IP? Long time since I've
seen mention of the latter :)


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