VAX Booting and Startup Dilema (was: VAX console and crossover...)

From: R. D. Davis <>
Date: Fri Feb 20 20:07:47 2004

Quothe Witchy, from writings of Sat, Feb 21, 2004 at 12:12:51AM -0000:
> _at_sys$system:startup

That seemed to cause the systmem to hang... however... perhaps I
didn't wait long enough... but I'm sure I waited over 10 minutes, just
as I did last time I did it. However, after doing the following, it
all took under about five minutes to get to the DCL prompt.

> However, it might also be useful to boot to SYSBOOT with:
> >>> B/1 dia0
> SYSBOOT> set startup_p1 "min"
> SYSBOOT> set startup_p2 "TRUE"
> Let us know what you get!
> w

  Accounting information:
  Buffered I/O count: 2600 Peak working set size: 794
  Direct I/O count: 455 Peak page file size: 11364
  Page faults: 2880 Mounted volumes: 0
  Charged CPU time: 0 00:00:17.00 Elapsed time: 0 00:02:11.34

Username: SYSTEM
        Welcome to VAX/VMS version V5.5
    Last interactive login on Saturday, 28-JUL-2001 00:45
    Last non-interactive login on Friday, 27-JUL-2001 14:02
%CDU-E-OPENIN, error opening QFAX_SYS:[SYSMGR]QFAX.CLD; as input
-RMS-F-DEV, error in device name or inappropriate device type for operation

Wow, how time flies. This poor VAX had been sitting under my cellar
stairs, unused, since July of 2001! Zog! Didn't realize it had been
that long... good thing I needed to change that light bulb, got
sidetracked and then ended up moving the VAX. :-)


Now, I've just set the time to the right time, and can begin playing
with this VAX. Next things: getting LAT working between the VAX and
the FreeBSD box and start installing some software like gcc and
CMU-IP. Fortunatley, the previous owner installed kermit on this
machine. Time to dig out my box of old DCL scripts from around 1991
with various DCL scripts and the miniature game of adventure that I
wrote in DCL, which doubles as a DCL prompt. :-)



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