lk401 keyboard protocol?

From: der Mouse <mouse_at_Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
Date: Sun Feb 22 15:14:26 2004

>> (I suppose typewriters old enough to not contain computers don't
>> have keyboards?)
> Typewriters were a passing fad of the 19th century.

As may be. Do they not have keyboards? You went off on a long tangent
when replying to this and never got around to answering the point. As
someone else said, what then are those things with all the buttons
labeled with letters &c on them?

Your attempt to redefine `keyboard' is perhaps vaguely amusing, but
both singularly useless (leaving no word for the devices when they're
driven by software that doesn't generate ASCII, or when they're not
connected to a computer at all) and contrary to common - universal, I
would have said before I saw your redefinition - understanding and use.

> But when it comes to Alt, you gotta admit that it originates in the
> PC (PeeCee, pee sea, etc) world.

I do? I don't know where it originated.

I also don't much care. Having the buttons there is a Good Thing[%];
nothing compels you to use them in a way you find distasteful (or even
at all); if you like, you could even have your software treat all three
of them as extensions of the spacebar.

What _I_ dislike about the LK401 (and LK201, for that matter) is that
the <X] key and the right Shift key are single keys; I want each of
those to be split into two keys. You can rearrange keys in software,
but software can't give you two keys in a location where there's only
one button-and-switch.

But that's largely a function of what I'm used to.

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