lk401 keyboard protocol?

From: John Lawson <>
Date: Sun Feb 22 15:53:46 2004

  A poster, unidentified for purposes of this message, belched out the
following flecks of sadly mis-informed disinformation:

> > Typewriters were a passing fad of the 19th century.
> > But when it comes to Alt, you gotta admit that it originates in the
> > PC (PeeCee, pee sea, etc) world.

  Well, the Scholes keyset has been with us from the late 1800s up to the
present day - dang! I'm typing on one now! with all it's faults and
foibles - it's the One We All Use.

  When it comes to the 'ALT' key - I gotta admit that I am openly
chagrinned and depressed by the crud that folks spew forth w/out taking
even a few seconds to just a tiny bit of Basic Research:

And it has it's origins back in the 70s and the world of Remote Job
Processing, where there became an increasing need for ALTernate character
sets - as in APL f'rinstance.

 It's just amazing to this old curmudgeonly guy - the number of people who
seem to believe that Bill Gates invented the computer and all it's
software and protocols - oh yeah, except for those wacky Hippies over at
Apple - but who uses that shit, anyway...?

  Here endeth this Sunday's Rant.


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