vax 730 console boot image file?

From: Brad Parker <>
Date: Sun Feb 22 16:49:34 2004

In my quest to boot my vax 730 I ran into the gummer roller problem. I
fixed that but my tu58 seems to be unhappy. As part of debugging it I
made a little DB-9 adapter for the 10 pin header so I can run tu58sim
and the tu58 emulator.

The 730 appears to run the tu58 at 38400 baud and will talk to the tu58
simulator just fine. So now, naturally I'd like to try and give it some
valid micro code :-)

Does anyone have a file image of any sort of 730 console boot? I don't
care if it's current, I just need something to test.

I have a tape which claims to be current but I can't read it (yet).
I'll debug the tu58 shortly but in the mean time I'd like to see if my
R80 works :-)

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