VAX 11/750 tu58 images (was Re: vax 730 console boot image file?)

From: Patrick Finnegan <>
Date: Sun Feb 22 17:07:06 2004

Brad Parker declared on Sunday 22 February 2004 05:49 pm:
> In my quest to boot my vax 730 I ran into the gummer roller problem.
> I fixed that but my tu58 seems to be unhappy. As part of debugging
> it I made a little DB-9 adapter for the 10 pin header so I can run
> tu58sim and the tu58 emulator.
> The 730 appears to run the tu58 at 38400 baud and will talk to the
> tu58 simulator just fine. So now, naturally I'd like to try and give
> it some valid micro code :-)
> Does anyone have a file image of any sort of 730 console boot? I
> don't care if it's current, I just need something to test.

I don't have any images for the 11/730... but I too am searching for
images - but for my 11/750. If anyone has images of tapes used on the
11/750, please let me know.

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