OT: Need P/S specs for Power Sentry USB hub (was OT: Need HP

From: Ian Viemeister <classiccmp_at_ian.viemeister.com>
Date: Mon Feb 23 16:47:18 2004

On Mon, 23 Feb 2004, Vintage Computer Festival wrote:
> > Dunno if I've got the same model that you're both looking at, but the
> > Power Sentry USB 2.0 hub I've got on my desk here does have a 5V, .3A,
> > center positive wall wart.
> Hooray! The amperage was the last missing piece of information.

Allow me to quickly correct one error after looking more closely at the wall wart.
The INPUT side is 0.3A at 110V AC.
The OUTPUT side is 2.2A at 5V DC.
Sorry about that.

> Thanks!

Not a problem, it just happened to be sitting in front of me.

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