Everex EV-831

From: jim <jwstephens_at_msm.umr.edu>
Date: Mon Feb 23 16:41:28 2004

this is a copy of the backup and restore software. It will help to either
use the drive for
backups, or read backups created by this program. There are several versions
of this,
which support progressivly more versions of the hardware.

There are the following variants of the hardware.

Drive Qic2 interface, 50 pin ribbon, controller, qic2 to qic 24 (or
whatever), AT adapter, Qic24 to AT bus
Drive Qic 24, Adapter qic 24 to AT bus (this is a full length AT card)

there are variants of the second where the controller is 2/3 length, but
still AT to qic 24.
There is also a series of drives from 60mb, 120mb, 125mb 150mb,
which have similar base controller boards, but different firmware.

I have not seen 250 and 625 mb in the qic format, but only scsi. the 60,
150, are also
available in scsi.

You might want to hunt down a drive compatable with your tapes and do scsi,
as there are
far more tools that will read raw tapes from aspi than from qic 2.


TRASH3_at_splab.cas.neu.edu wrote:

> I have three 5.25 inch floppies that have the labels (copies):
> EVEREX EXCEL STREAMING TAPE ST 4061 VER 4.06 EV0-00830-00 MAY 24 1988.
> Disk 2 and 3 have similar labels, but are 4062 and 4063. Upon running
> the tape program on disk 1, the options for hardware are:
> Full Size QIC-36 tape controller board
> Full Size cassette tape controller board
> Half Size QIC-02 tape controller board
> Diskette and QIC-02 board
> 2/3 Size QIC-36
> Disk and QIC-36
> Disk and QIC-02
> The program does not give model numbers, but shows a graphic of the board
> and all the jumpers.
> Ya think this software will help you?
> Joe Heck
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