SS-50/SS-30 Pin Spacing

From: Michael Holley <>
Date: Wed Feb 25 19:45:03 2004

The pin spacing is 0.156 inch.

You can get the Molex parts at Digi Key.
You can look up all the data sheets using the parts numbers at

The 10 pin right angle connector is Molex part 09-52-3101, Digi Key part
WM3307-ND. They cost $1.57.

The polarizing key is Molex part15-04-0219, Digi Key WM2402-ND. They cost

The round pin male header is the Molex 3192 series. The 10 pin unit is Molex
part 26-20-2101. I have not found a good source, Digi-Key only carries the
square pins. The square pin has more contact area (a flat side instead of a
point.) The increased friction makes it more difficult to plug and unplug

I used the AMP part to build a motherboard (fartherboard?) The 12 pin
version is cheaper then the 10 pin version. I bought 12 pin parts and used a
utility knife to trim them.

10 Pin MTA 0.156 Header Assembly Straight Round Tin
Amp # 1-640384-0
Digi-Key# A24154-ND Price $1.37

12 Pin MTA 0.156 Header Assembly Straight Round Tin
Amp # 1-640384-2
Digi-Key# A26174-ND Price $0.93

Michael Holley
Received on Wed Feb 25 2004 - 19:45:03 GMT

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