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From: John Allain <>
Date: Thu Feb 26 10:21:21 2004

> Interview with Ken Olsen:

A Test!
There are some bleeped words therein.
They seems to be just oversights of the transcriber, not security issues.
Wonder what they are?

- - -

"So we had to make a major switching system to allow an operator
 far away to turn on the ______ system automatically."

"When there was some logistical problem in the operation of _______,
 that was our job."

"It was the mathematics used to design large networks and switches.
 And it was directly _______ to computer type work."

"IBM's next generation of computers use core memory ________ switches."

" was exciting and we had knowledge of the very fast _______ transistor
 _____ which we had built a very fast computer."

"Flip flop holds two states which it holds the ________. Gates, you'll put
 various combinations of signals in and if the right combination is met, the
 signal gets through."

"We are not considered a marketing company because we don't spend money
 on _______ markets."

- - -

John A.
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