An oldie but goodie...

From: John Lawson <>
Date: Thu Feb 26 10:34:29 2004

On Thu, 26 Feb 2004, John Allain wrote:

> > Interview with Ken Olsen:
> >
> A Test!
> There are some bleeped words therein.
> They seems to be just oversights of the transcriber, not security issues.
> Wonder what they are?
> - - -

  These seem to have been taped interviews, and the underscores are words
that, for some reason, were unintelligble to the transcriber. A couple of
them you can guess out of context - one or two are rather obscure
technical terms that got 'lost' due to background noise or Ken coughing or
not e-nun-ci-at-ing properly...

 Quite a fascinating piece, though it would have been nicer (IMHO) had the
interviewer had a bit more engineering knowledge - but c'est la vie in
these matters, as previous long threads (DO NOT start a new one!!) about
media encounters would seem to suggest.


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