An oldie but goodie...

From: Michael Sokolov <msokolov_at_ivan.Harhan.ORG>
Date: Thu Feb 26 12:30:45 2004

Paul Koning <> wrote:

> Google is not much help, it doesn't look like he's done anything since
> Advanced Modular Solutions went under. But cryosuspension seems very
> un-Ken-like.

Un-Ken-like? Well, at Modular he was in effect saying that he didn't want to
just retire and leave the stage, he wanted to keep doing what he loves, making
computers. If he chooses (or already chose, don't know if he is still alive or
not) to be buried/cremated when his time is up, then that's it. But if he opts
for cryosuspension instead, then he'll be revived some time later and will be
able to make computers again, this time for eternity, like a god of computing on
Mt. Olympus, eating ambrosia, drinking nectar, enjoying the goddesses (so
eternal life and eternal youth are never boring) and making VAXen.

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