IDC (Re: Archive 5945C)

From: Jay West <>
Date: Thu Feb 26 12:30:05 2004

Sellam wrote...
> Those are generally refered to as IDC connectors. I wish I knew what IDC
> stood for. I'm not willing to take a guess right now, though I think I am
> close.
IDC = Insulation Displacement Connector

look at the way the ribbon cable attaches to the connector and the name will
make sense. Note that IDC does not refer to the type of connector, rather,
how the cable connects to that connector. I have seen DB25, Edge card, Berg,
all different types of connectors that are IDC.

I once ran across an article stating the "expected life" of IDC ribbon cable
connections. It was suprisingly low, like 64 connect/disconnect lifespan.

Jay West

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