IDC (Re: Archive 5945C)

From: Paul Koning <>
Date: Thu Feb 26 12:43:31 2004

>>>>> "Jay" == Jay West <> writes:

 Jay> Sellam wrote...
>> Those are generally refered to as IDC connectors. I wish I knew
>> what IDC stood for. I'm not willing to take a guess right now,
>> though I think I am close.
 Jay> IDC = Insulation Displacement Connector

 Jay> look at the way the ribbon cable attaches to the connector and
 Jay> the name will make sense. Note that IDC does not refer to the
 Jay> type of connector, rather, how the cable connects to that
 Jay> connector. I have seen DB25, Edge card, Berg, all different
 Jay> types of connectors that are IDC.

 Jay> I once ran across an article stating the "expected life" of IDC
 Jay> ribbon cable connections. It was suprisingly low, like 64
 Jay> connect/disconnect lifespan.

That's about 63 more than I would expect. Those things really are not
meant to be reused.

There's an analogous technology in connectors for printed circuit
boards. Those are "press fit" connectors -- the pins have springy
sides that wedge into the plated through holes. Backplane connectors
are often done that way, and larger connectors in general in these
modern surface-mount days because they avoid a through-hole soldering
step. But again, the assumption is that you install those exactly

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