An oldie but goodie...

From: John Allain <>
Date: Thu Feb 26 12:44:42 2004

> The MMJ connector is an example of the

Seemed like a successful product, back then. What's
been Olsened' with it?

> bad habit of setting up several competing projects inside

FWIW, internal competition is practiced at all market leading
companies that I've seen, IBM, Seiko, HP, to name a few.

Last minute changes as dictated by a team of one sound like a
recipie for disaster, if that in fact was what happened. The only
person I heard of getting burned in DEC was Cutler, but there
must have been others.

> ...where's Ken? {from another questioner}

Not dead, just totally retired. I don't think his obituary would've
made it past me. Sounds like from just this short transaction
that the man has some enemies. Too bad, I'd like to hear him talk.

John A.
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