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From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Thu Feb 26 18:09:49 2004

> On Thu, 26 Feb 2004, Nico de Jong wrote:
> > I find that hard to believe. The SCSI Archive drives I know, are all
> > equipped with connectors as used on flatcables. The 5945C has an edge
> > connector , much like a print card. Dont know how to put it more precisely
> Those are generally refered to as IDC connectors. I wish I knew what IDC

Insulationm Displacement Connector (or something very like it). It refers
to the way that the ribbon cable (flatcable) is connected to the
connector, without having to strip off the insulation first.

IDC connectors are available in many forms. The ones you're thinking of
are presumably the 2 row header sockets (as are used on, say, IDE hard
drives). But IDC connecotrs are also made as edge connectors (to fit over
a PCB card edge), D connectors (all sizes from DE9 to DD50 -- the last is
darn expensive due to the fun of getting 3 rows of pins to connect to the
cable correctly), DIL header plugs (that would fit into IC sockets), DIL
sockets (not common), 2 row header plugs, Blue ribbon connectors,
transition connectors (these are designed to be (permanently) soldered to
a PCB after the cable had been crimped in, and avoid having to strip,
tin, get into the right hole, and solder 50 wires!, and doubtless more
that I've never come across.

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