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From: David V. Corbin <>
Date: Thu Feb 26 18:39:29 2004

>>>D connectors (all sizes from DE9 to DD50 -- the last is darn expensive
>>> due to the fun of getting 3 rows of pins to connect to the cable

That is a PAINFUL Memory. Many years ago a company I was involved with
decided to make all their own cables. Two main reasons: Custom tailor length
(things look neater), percieved cost savings.

Since I was a fairly junior member of the team, making the cables was one of
my tasks. Aligning the cables for the triple row of pirecers was a ROYAL
pain. The only thing worse (regrding cables) as a custom connector (it was
unsed on an AN/UYK although I forget the model) was one that required 2
ribbons to be inserted into a midpoint connector from opposite ends. The
connector itself was deadheaded so you could NOT simply use one wide cable
(easy to align) and then trim.

Had to be around 1981 or 1982....

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