Linux Box + DOS 3.2 box + (1)5.25 floppy drive (okidata 3305BU) = HELP!!!!!!!!

From: B.Degnan <>
Date: Fri Feb 27 09:50:16 2004

I would not attempt to remove the 5 1/4" drive from the compaq, at least
not yet. Someone someplace must have a 5 1/4 DOS disk and simple terminal
program like Smart Term that you can use with a modem to download files to
your compaq.
1) Maybe you already tried this, but ....After the computer completes the
memory check and spins the 5 1/4" diskette drive, just after the drive
light stops flashing, hit CTRL+BREAK to halt the autoexec.bat file from
initiating the Novell program. You may have to try more than once, but you
should be able to break into a DOS prompt of some kind.

Next, archive the programs that call the Novell program so that they will
not be executed when you boot.
2) type this command at the DOS prompt : copy autoexec.bat autoexec.nov [enter]
3) type this command at the DOS prompt: del autoexec.bat [enter]
4) type this command at the DOS prompt : copy config.sys config.nov [enter]
5) type this command at the DOS prompt: del config.sys [enter]

reboot the compaq. should end with a C> prompt only.

6) create a DOS boot disk for the Linux box (oldest OS you can find), and
reboot linux box into DOS.
7) you can use the serial ports on both computers to transfer files (via
modem or cable).
a) There is a program called Laplink that you can use to copy files to the
Compaq without using the diskette drive. You'll need a straight-through
serial cable, or a parallel cable that's made specially for
laplink. Using serial mode only (somehow) laplink can install itself on a
target computer (compaq) through the serial port without having to install
software via the disk drive.
b) You can use Smart Term (or some modem program) to upload and download
files from linux computer to the compaq. You'd need two modems and two
phone lines. And you'd need a modem program (like smart term) on 5
1/4. you can download smart term to the linux box, and then copy to DOS
formatted disks so that when you boot with DOS disk, you can swap out for
the smart term disk.

What I did for these situations was go to the Good will and find a PC with
both 5 1/4 and 3.5" drives. Very useful! Every vintage computer hacker
needs a system with multiple drive types.

>Hey y'all... I need some help. I recently acquired a Compaq Portable(ye
right... at 35LBS no one is crazy enough to carry this machine >around)
II... with a hard drive and a 5.25 floppy disk drive. The hard drive
apparently has MSDOS 3.2 and some Novell application. When >booted up it
first checks the memory then it checks active partions... then it starts
going in some kinda loop looking for a file server that >isn't there. I
don't have any other 5.25 floppy drives so I am unable to create disks to
transfer files to this box. I was wondering if it was >possible to connect
the floppy drive to my linux box and copy the files to the disk(s) from
there and retransfer the drive to the compaq to >use. Problem is that the
Linux box is an RH9 platform on a PII (686) system. Would RH9 even have the
needed drivers for a drive this >ancient? Can this be done or am I, for all
intensive purposes, screwed?
>Lyos Gemini Norezel
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