Linux Box + DOS 3.2 box + (1)5.25 floppy drive (okidata 3305BU) = HELP!!!!!!!!

From: Lyos Norezel <>
Date: Fri Feb 27 23:50:06 2004

"B.Degnan" <> wrote:
I would not attempt to remove the 5 1/4" drive from the compaq, at least
not yet. Someone someplace must have a 5 1/4 DOS disk and simple terminal
program like Smart Term that you can use with a modem to download files to
your compaq.

Too late... Curiousity killed the cat I suppose... turns out RH9 refuses to mount the damn disks... I even tried formating the disks in multiple modes (fat, ext2, ext3, etc.). I'll have to see if linux a a version of raw write that works in linux... lol.

1) Maybe you already tried this, but ....After the computer completes the
memory check and spins the 5 1/4" diskette drive, just after the drive
light stops flashing, hit CTRL+BREAK to halt the autoexec.bat file from
initiating the Novell program. You may have to try more than once, but you
should be able to break into a DOS prompt of some kind.

Ok... I will try that tonight.

6) create a DOS boot disk for the Linux box (oldest OS you can find), and
reboot linux box into DOS.

The oldest I can find? Ummm... Which version ships with Winblows 98? Anyway thanks for the information.

Now... to find a replacement for my HP4100 Omnibook laptop POS that won't accept RH9... anyone willing to buy a laptop without a keyboard, or an LCD screen? It still works... hell if I know how. The LCD was scraped after the damn backlight blew out and the keyboard just flat fell apart. It's got a big of superficial damage from being banged around... but it still works and might be useful as a storage computer server for older compters. Anyone? $75 plus shipping from 45424 and it's yours.

Lyos Gemini Norezel

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