potentially free stuff in SoCal

From: Doug Salot <doug_at_blinkenlights.com>
Date: Sat Feb 28 01:52:21 2004

I'll be in Irvine, CA March 8-9 to load my truck with some stuff I've got
stored down there. Some of it is classic computer stuff, but I don't
remember what I left there or how attached I am to it. But there's an
excellent chance that I'll have no room in my truck for all of it, which
will put me in a very giving mood.

So... if you're near Irvine and you'd be interested in free stuff, feel
free to give me your name, number, and general collecting interest.
Absolutely no guarantees, but I plan to inventory stuff on March 8 and
will call you to arrange pick-up on March 9 if there's interest.

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